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Good Day! =^______^= Happy, free, confused, lonely at the same time.ewan ko na.

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Dear ______________,


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Dear you,

I’m afraid to write your name for once pen meets paper, you exist outside of my daydreams and existence tends to bring out the flaws in us.


I will love you Forever. :(

He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen, with his scars and eyes. It’s like some kind of wounded animal…I loved him.
Do it.




I will write about the following, leave one in my ask box.

Dear person I hate,

Dear person I like,

Dear ex boyfriend,

Dear ex girlfriend,

Dear ex bestfriend,

Dear bestfriend,

Dear *anyone*,

Dear Santa,

Dear mom,

Dear dad,

Dear future me,

Dear past me,

Dear person I’m jealous of,

Dear person I had a crush on,

Dear girlfriend,

Dear boyfriend,


baka naman meron

asa pa ko

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Sa pag-ibig walang malayo o malapit, walang mahirap at madali, walang itim at puti, walang maliit at malaki, walang mataba at payat, walang kulot o straight, walang maganda o panget, walang panget o pogi. Bakit kamo? Kasi kapag inlove ka, kapag nagmamahal ka ng totoo at tapat sa taong…

How can I answer all these 0 messages?

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You may see me smiling and Laughing around, but when i’m alone I cry and can’t handle my problems right now.

You may see me smiling and Laughing around, but when i’m alone I cry and can’t handle my problems right now.

We’re so close for being Perfect and Forever yet this is still not the perfect time.
gaaah :”)

gaaah :”)

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Ang pinakamasarap na mabasa mo eh yung namiss ka ng taong hindi mo akalaing mamimiss ka.

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I told God a lot about you, then I cried.